the Cohoes Housing Authority CHA  Administrative Building 100 Manor Sites Cohoes, NY 12047

cohoes housing boards

Commissioner Meeting
 March 20th, 2018
at  5PM
 in the Manor Sites Community

We will also be going to the other sites as well in the upcoming months.
or Email: CHA

  the Board of Commissioners  
  Shawn Higgins Chairperson  
Chuck Alonge Vice-Chairperson
  Mark Pascale Commissioner  
  Jason Oliver Commissioner  
  Colleen Mayo Tenant Commissioner  
  Donna Braman Tenant Commissioner  
  Mr. Brian Kremer
Goldberger & Kremer
Legal Counsel  
  Cohoes Housing Authority Forms & Policies  
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    Residents can drop off batteries at any of our maintenance shops, main offices and we’re soliciting businesses that may want to participate and we’ll add them to our list below as they notify us. CHOOSE COHOES
 Cohoes Proud
Cohoes Housing Authority
Administration Office
100 Manor Sites
Cohoes, NY 12047

Note: (The administration office is located off Manor Ave. on Williams St.)
518.235.4500 || Fax: 518.235.8120
The Cohoes Housing Authority Maintenance Emergency Only is 518.235.4535
Email: "the Cohoes Housing Authority"