the Cohoes Housing Authority CHA  Administrative Building 100 Manor Sites Cohoes, NY 12047

CHA Employee Listing

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Administration: Title: Extension  

Katherine Oliver

Executive Director 117
Josephine Shufelt PH Program Coordinator 122  
Karen Kremer Accounting 116  
Mary Veronese Maintenance Clerk 129  
Maintenance & Modernization Title: The Cohoes Housing Authority Emergency is 235-4535  
Jack Powers Bldg. Maintenance Mechanic    
Jeff Sawyer Bldg. Maintenance Mechanic    
Anthony Yando Maintenance Man    


Comp Grants Title:    
Dan Rigney MOD Coordinator/Maintenance Supervisor 125


Section 8 Title:    
Tracey Crandall Housing Eligibility Assistant 120  


Tenant Relations Title:    
Catherine Hamilton Tenant Relations Officer 113  
Janice L. Medina Sr. Account Clerk 111


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    Residents can drop off batteries at any of our maintenance shops, main offices and we’re soliciting businesses that may want to participate and we’ll add them to our list below as they notify us. CHOOSE COHOES
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Cohoes Housing Authority
Administration Office
100 Manor Sites
Cohoes, NY 12047

Note: (The administration office is located off Manor Ave. on Williams St.)
518.235.4500 || Fax: 518.235.8120
The Cohoes Housing Authority Maintenance Emergency Only is 518.235.4535
Email: "the Cohoes Housing Authority"